Kalix caviar is a unique food that can only be extracted from fish caught in the fractured waters of the Gulf of Botnia. In the Norrbotten archipelago there is a special environment with clean water and low salinity, which the cyclone needs in order to spread. The area constitutes the largest brackish water archipelago in the world, as the mineral-rich water of the main national rivers flows into the sea and transfers seawater every three years.

Whitefish (Coregonus albula) is a small fish in the salmon family. This fish (coregonus albula) is rarely more than 20 centimeters long in the cold, brackish water of Bottenviken. The fish feed on plankton, crustaceans, and insect larvae, as well as minerals that flow into the area from the Great Rivers. A feminine veil weighs about 20-30g. The caviar content is approximately 3-5 g per fish and the size of the eggs during the fishing period varies from 0.8 mm in week 1 to 1.3 mm in week 5.

Raised in a clean enviroment with low salinity. Delicious on toast, with champagne and ideal for decorating cocktails and snacks.