About Us

We at Delicatessen del mar, have 20 years of experience selling salmon and other quality seafood. With thousands of satisfied customers in Scandinavia, are we expanding our quality products to Spain. We have focused on high quality, which combines sustainable, innovative and traditional products from the sea. All of this makes our products unique.

Norway is the second largest seafood country in the world. The quality that makes our products unique, is the changes in currents and temperatures in the clean and deep water. This makes it a perfect habitat for seafood.

Our company is committed to bring the world’s finest ingredients to the Spanish dinner table. All the years we have worked in this sector, we have learned a lot about attention, interest and dedication. These are our keywords. We offer a professional and personal relationship with our customers, and will not give up until you are satisfied. So place your order in our webshop and we will contact you regarding delivery of the world’s finest quality of seafood.